Single Residential Home Inspection

Based on a Home up to 2000 sq Feet

WETT Inspections

Level 1 inspections of your wood burning appliance or masonry fireplace

What We Offer


Dave – Collingwood Home Inspections

Dave accommodated my need for a late afternoon, next day inspection. I was provided with a report less than 24 hours later, which was unexpected as he just fit us in. Thank you Dave for putting our minds at ease while we purchased our first new home! Jason, Collingwood

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Dave, Collingwood Home Inspections

Dave offered me the best price in the area. I was pleased with how he walked me through the house and then at the end of the inspection he took the time to show me pictures of everything and explain to me any deficiencies. I was supplied with my computer report the next day, and

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New to Stayner

Professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely suggest Dave to those in the process of buying a new home. Dave took us around to view any issues, discussing the potential causes, and then suggesting remedies to correct the issue. The process was easy to understand and far less stressful than we had anticipated. Thanks again Dave!

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